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Góry Stołowe - kraina zrodzona z morza

_   Animal life

In the big forest complexes of the Park we can easily come across deer, roe deer, wild boar, fox, squirrels (black and red variety) and small rodents. Among not so easily spotted because of nocturnal activity are badger, pine marten, weasel, stoad and fitchet. As for insectivora mammals hedgehog is rather commonly met, which is not the case with shrews. The characteristic environment of cracks andWłochatkacrevices of sandstones makes an ideal habitat for a number of bats. The most precious element of Park's mammal fauna are small, squirrel-like nocturnal animals, living mainly in broadleaf and mixed forests: hazel dormouse, fat dormouse and dormouse. In the neighbourhood of the Polish-Czech border there is refuge of muflon - mountain sheep brought form Corsica and acclimatized in the Sudeten. Among forest birds we can meet nutcracker, common crossbill, siskin, mishle trush, black woodpecker, black-naped green woodpecker, sparrowhawk and stock dove. Very rarely one can come across black stork, hazel grouse, woodcock, hobby, honey buzzard and characteristic for the taiga region pigmy owl and Tengmalm's owl. Rocks are the nesting places of eagle owl, kestrel, raven, nuthatch and black redstart whereas the meadows make a nesting place for meadow pipit, skylark, whinchat and rare in Europe - quail and corncrake. Among birds connected with water dipper and grey wagtail catch our attention. Among reptiles common in Poland on the territory of the Park we can meet common viper, grass snake, sand lizard and slow worm. As for rare amphibians salamander, smooth newt and alpine newt can be sometimes spotted. The world of insects is still hardly investigated, but what attracts attention is rich in species long-horned beetles family and protected species of Carabidae family. Very interesting are the snow insects and arachnids of highmoor peatbogs and cold wet sandstone cracks.

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