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Góry Stołowe - kraina zrodzona z morza

_   Plants and mushrooms

T he present status of the Park's flora was created not only by different habitat conditions.Skalnica zwodniczaLike in other parts of Sudeten the flora has been transformed by long influence of man. He caused deforestation, particulary of lower situated areas; changed water courses and rebuilt natural forest by introducing spruce trees on a large scale. Forests cover about 89% of the Park area. They are mainly artificially planted spruce forests. The National Park is situated almost all in lower montane belt, but the forests with spruce and fir trees, close to natural ones, are rarely met. Spruce forests on the sandstones in the top part are in bad condition, and being a monoculture, they are esspecially susceptible to damages caused by biotic and abiotic factors. Natural broad leaves forests of lower montane belt have survived only in a small fragments in an almost inaccesible areas. On a fertile habitats they are represented by montane beech forests, on less fertile - mixed montane forests and in the deep, shadowy dells of streams - European sycamore forests.Pełnik europejskiPlant species characteristic for highmoor peatbog together with mountain pine can be found mainly on the Wielkie Torfowisko Batorowskie - floral reserve. An important part of Stolowe Mountains flora are the pionieer lithophyte plants - numerous species of mosses (270 species), lichens (60) and l iverworts. Among them the most interesting are the phytocenosis of the marls exposures, containing a variety of flowerless plants and Saxifraga rosacea, which only grows in Poland in this area. Various meadows cover an area of about 300 ha. Among them we can easily distinguish marshy meadows overgrown with many protected species. The globe flower, found in big quantities, is considered a symbol of this region. On other meadows on the poor soils one can see mat-weed swards and in dry and sunny places - xerothermic meadows. In a whole the vascular flora of the Park contains about 550 species, including 48 being protected in Poland.

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