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Góry Stołowe - kraina zrodzona z morza

_   Geology and geomorfology

The role of water in the process of land formation

In the process of formation of the Stołowe Mountains relief a very important part is played by water. Penetrating through vertical crack systems and permeable sandstones, it causes dissolution of rocks, washing out the crumbled material and finally carrying it away outside the mountain complex. The removal of the material from the interior of the rocky massif leads to the loss of its stability and finally to its breakdown, starting from the edge of the massif. This is done by thepotok Pośnabreaking off and falling off of rocky blocks from vertical edges and overhangs of sandstone tablelands. In this way, typical block systems are formed in the forelands of massif cliffs. Combined activities of both water and temperature in changing climate conditions resulted in the breakdown of large rocky blocks into smaller ones. Additionally, wind participated in the erosion process. All this in dozens of millions of years lead to the forming of interesting rocky forms such as mushrooms, clubs, and many other resembling in their shape people, animals, etc. Mineral springs exist in the south edges of the Stolowe Mountains. These are acidic waters typically with little mineral contents and large amount of gaseous carbon dioxide. Being used for health purposes, they have became the basis of development of the health resorts, Kudowa, Duszniki and Polanica Zdrój. Through Park's territory passes the European water divide, separating the Baltic Sea drainage area from the North Sea drainage area. Brooks from the north- eastern slopes of the Stołowe Mountains supply the Ścinawka river flowing down to the Baltic Sea, and streams from the south- eastern and the southern parts of the mountains supply the Bystrzyca Dusznicka. Both rivers are left-bank tributaries of the Nysa Kłodzka. The Czech river of Metuje, a left- bank tributary of the Łaba carries its waters down to the North Sea. It drains the north-western slopes of the Stolowe Mountains and the western part of the Lewin Hills.

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