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Góry Stołowe - kraina zrodzona z morza

_   Geology and geomorfology

Climate and relief

Climate of the Stołowe Mountains is a result of both topographic features and general position of the mountain range from the northwest to the southeast. Westerly winds prevail here, henceOkręt w Błędnych Skałach the clear influence of the Atlantic climate while the Mediterranean to some extent only. There is a wide diversity of thermal conditions depending on the elevation and the amount of heat received by the north slopes and the south slopes directly exposed to sunrays. Owing to the type of relief, there often occur temperature inversions consisting in drainage of cold air from the upper parts in the direction of the crevices, valleys and other depressions. This results in big temperature diversity not only between the plateaus and the foot of the mountains but also locally, for example: on the surface of the rocky tablelands and in the nearby crevices. The temperature inversions in the late autumn and in winter allow us to observe in these mountains which are not actually very high, the beautiful phenomena "sea of mists" lingering in the valleys while in the upper parts shines the sun. In terms of amounts of precipitation, the climate is rated among the moderately humid. The annual total precipitation in the higher elevated parts reaches 1100 mm, but it must be stressed that it does not include the amount of water coming from mists, dew and frost, often occurring in the upper parts. To large extent, the amount of precipitation depends on elevation - annual precipitation for Kudowa Zdrój that lies 400 m above sea level does not exceed 790 mm. Snow lingers in the upper parts about 100 days a year, remaining particularly long in deep crevices.


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