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Góry Stołowe - kraina zrodzona z morza

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Ścieżka Skalnej Rzeźby (The Rock Sculpture route)

This route is 10 km long and consists of 14 posts presenting the most interesting in terms of geology places in the Stolowe Mountains. The first post is situated in Karlow. The route goes through the rocky maze at the top of Szczeliniec Wielki down to Pasterka and from Pasterka along the yellow trekking route to Posna Waterfalls.

mapa Ścieżki Skalnej Rzeźby

Going along this route one can see beautiful rock forms of Szczeliniec which were created in the process of sandstones weathering, streams of blocks - streams of slowly moving rock blocks separated from the main massif of the Stolowe Mountains and the so called Posna Door - the gorge of the Posna river

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